MyVideoOnDVD FAQ page MyVideoOnDVD offers affordable transfer of your family home videos to DVD.
What does MyVideoOnDVD do? MyVideoOnDVD will transfer your Home Video tape or other camcorder storage device to DVD. The tape will not be edited. You ship the tapes, payment, order form and instructions to us and we will return your original tapes, and the DVD copies in a slim jewel case with a front cover and labeled DVD. The cover art and DVD will be captured from the beginning of the tape and we will add a title that you specify. (See example below)

example jewel case cover art     example jewel case inside art
What cannot be transferred? Damaged tapes that cannot be played, wrong formats, blank tapes or tapes unsuited for copy will not be transferred and will be returned. MyVideoOnDVD will not transfer or make copies of any material that is illegal or copyrighted like a movie or TV show. Some professionally made tapes may also include copy protection that will prevent transfer of the contents. Your home videos should transfer fine if the tape is not damaged.
What will my transfer cost? Please see the order page for details. MyVideoOnDVD wants to keep pricing simple therefore we don't use complicated formulas based on type of source tape, length, etc. Our basic price is $20.00 for a transfer. (Prices subject to change)
What will be the quality of my DVD? The quality of the DVD we return to you will be very dependent on the quality of the recording on your source tape. If you submit a digital tape we can provide the best possible quality of the transfer. MyVideoOnDVD will transfer at the highest quality consistent with placing your entire tape on a single DVD. For tapes of 1 hour or less the quality will be better than for tapes that are longer. We can record up to 3 hours on the DVD at a reduced quality.
Will the DVD have a menu? The DVD we supply you will have an opening menu that will show the start of the video. Pressing play will launch the video or the video may begin on its own depending on your particular DVD player. The DVD will have chapters created at approximately 5 minute intervals so that you can "quickly jump" back and forth in the tape depending on your DVD player.
Handling discs The DVD supplied by MyVideoOnDVD should treated like any other DVD you own. Discs should only be handled by the edges. Never touch the recording surface. Do not store discs in humid or dusty locations, in direct sunlight or near excessive heat. To protect the disc always keep it in a case.
Does MyVideoOnDVD keep copies? MyVideoOnDVD does not keep copies of your home videos. We do not make or keep backup copies. As a practical matter this means that any re-order would require that you send the original content to MyVideoOnDVD again.
Warranty Each DVD we provide is tested to be sure it will play . Some older DVD players manufactured before the DVD-R format was available may not play the DVD we provide. MyVideoOnDVD liability is limited to replacement of the DVD we provide if in our judgment the DVD is defective due to our error in the creation of the DVD. DVDs that have been mishandled or misused will not be replaced by MyVideoOnDVD. MyVideoOnDVD makes no other warranties expressed or implied.
Will the MyVideoOnDVD Disc play on my DVD player? The DVD we provide will play on nearly all  DVD players including Blu-Ray and computer DVD ROM drives. (Some older players sold before the DVD-R format may not be compatible)
Where can I find more info on DVD? The Wikipedia site is a good starting point.
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